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5-7 pages; each page needs to have its own menu, yesup which makes updates difficult, especially if you prefer to keep the menu in a template.


I've seen several solutions to this problem, with more than yesup but I didn't really like any of them - so I propose something more clever.
Follow up: After searching for a set of words on a common search engine, it can be extremely helpful when the pages found in the results of the search detectthat they are being linked from a search and consequently automatically highlight all of the search words. Implementing this feature is fairly simple to do with client-side JavaScript, which gets embedded directly into a web page. When I wanted to add this feature to all of my web pages, I searched on-line to try to find pre-built highlighting scripts. One of the first scripts I found was almost perfect. In fact, for many people it will be perfect. Download it and read its instructions at:
The above example is for SUN Vista
would position any HDTV element with id="logo" at t he top left of the page, using absolute positioning (which I will cover in detail later in the course). As with class google advertise
selectors, you can include the element name before the hash sign. This may seem unnecessary since only one item on any page can have a specific ID, but I find doing so helps make the resulting stylesheet more readable as it reminds me what type of element the ID is attached to. With the basic selectors out of the way, the next most useful selector is the descendant selector. This consists of two or more selectors separated by spaces, and has the effect of matching things that match each of the selectors, going from first to last. For example, main a matches all links that occur inside
, while nav ul.plain li would match all
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      HP probe snared a third News.com reporter
      In a surprising twist, telephone records of CNET News.com reporter Stephen Shankland's father were targeted.

      HP memo: We will take the necessary action
      HP exec Mark Hurd reaches out to employees as the company decides how to react to this week's boardroom pretexting scandal.

      HP's boardroom drama
      Investigation into media leaks used controversial data-gathering method, SEC filing confirms.

       good Vista and 
      Views: Stalling the Net by default?
      Readers pitch on whether should change default IP settings amid concerns that Vista's launch could overwhelm the Net.

      Security breaches are wake-up calls to phone companies
      Experts say phone companies lag behind other industries in keeping customer information under wraps.

      iVillage blogs about...football?
      Blog: Titles can be deceiving.Online women's lifestyle magazine iVillage.com has a new football blog called The Female Fan, but a quick...

      McClatchy Digital: Carolina bound
      Blog: Another piece of the defunct Knight-Ridder media empire is disappearing. McClatchy Co. ended up with some of the Knight-Ridder...

      Original Signal outdoes Digg -- with Digg's own content
      Blog: I like the meta-aggregators ("metagators," if you will) PopURLs and Original Signal so much that I've dramatically reduced the...

      Police blotter: Cops raid Usenet provider over porn
      Judge lets civil rights lawsuit proceed that Usenet provider filed against Pa. police after being raided.

      YouTube still waiting for the payoff
      Also: Treo troubles trigger Palm plunge. Read these stories and more from around the Web at News.com Extra.

      Sony expands LocationFree lineup
      "Base search engine ranking tool stations" bring traditionally business-oriented remote-access functions to the consumer media world.

      Roxio releases Creator 9
      Software compatible with Vista and Blu-ray includes desktop audio recording widget.

      Word flaw hit with zero-day attack
      "Extremely critical flaw" in Microsoft Word 2000, which has no released patch, could lead to remote execution of code.

      First and goal for HDTV
      Sports programming is helping high-def TV become a mainstream phenomenon and a big moneymaker.

      FAQ: The finer points of HDTV
      Choosing a high-definition television can be tough. Here's a basic guide through the industry's alphabet soup.

         Pac-Man for IPhone
      Namco has brought its classic coin-op arcade game Pac-Man to the iPod, so it's fitting that one of its first iPhone offerings...

      Out-of-stock IPhones Good News for Apple
      With the iPhone 3G available in more than 20 countries, it's little surprise that Apple has announced that it sold a million...

      LaCie Hard Disk Designed by Neil Poulton 1TB
      The LaCie Hard Disk Designed by Neil Poulton is a desktop hard drive that can connect to your Mac via FireWire 400, USB 2.0...

      MetaX 2.4.5
      When you rip movies from your personal DVD collection for your iPhone or Apple TV, you could tag them manually with a program...

      Apple Releases Update for AirPort Extreme Base Stations
      Apple released AirPort Extreme Update 2008-02 late Thursday and recommends that all Intel-based Macs be updated. The...

      India Adds 9 Million New Mobile Connections
      India's mobile sector continues strong growth, adding 9 million new subscribers in June.

      Yahoo: Burn Your DRMed Tracks to CD Now
      Yahoo has become the latest company to abandon customers who bought tracks from its music store encoded with DRM, drawing fire...

      Augmented Reality Coming to Your Desktop Soon
      A Tokyo-based start-up has taken the wraps off new software that brings to the desktop the world of augmented reality.

      Chartered Semiconductor Forecasts a Loss for Q3
      Chartered Semiconductor expects to post a loss in the third quarter as falling average selling prices and high energy costs...

      Fugitive Spam King Dead in Apparent Murder-suicide
      Convicted spammer Eddie Davidson has killed himself, apparently after murdering his wife and three year-old daughter.

      Wall Street Beat: Some Companies Shine Amid Gloom
      When Samsung Electronics, a giant in chips, mobile phones and LCD panels, reported earnings on Friday, it noted worsening...

      Broadband Innovations, Part 3: The Film Editor's Dream
      A 10-gbps fiber-optics connection enables a Swedish film editor to do his job in real time from his dream home in a beautiful rural village.

      Samsung Q2 Results Higher on LCD, Cell Phone Sales
      Healthy sales of LCD (liquid crystal display) panels and a profitable cellular handset business helped Samsung Electronics...

      Users May Help to Vet Android Apps
      Google may use a user-driven rating system to help keep bad or harmful Android applications off mobile phones.

      Microsoft Still Working on Online Branding Issues
      Microsoft is working on a way to combine its online services into a single Web page to solve its branding problem, CEO Steve...